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The Orchards
The apple tree is happy when it is planted in soils made of silt and clay with many flint stones.


So that our orchards can remain as natural as possible,
So that our orchards can continue to allow us to make healthy products,
Because we have a preference for quality over quantity,
And because we are convinced that our health depends on the quality of the products that nature gives us,
We have chosen the traditional high-branch apple tree culture,

And have opted for the organic maintenance of our orchards.

We define our 17 apple varieties according to 4 large families : bitter and bitter-sweet apples, predominant in our blends, bring body and colour thanks to their tannins. Tart apples bring freshness and help the natural preservation of our ciders. Finally, sweet apples contribute to the general balance between bitterness, acidity and sweetness..

The domain's 17 apple varieties

Bitter apples :Domaine, Fréquin rouge, Mettais
Bitter-sweet apples :Bedan, Bergerie de Villerville, Binet Rouge, Bisquet, Joly Rouge, Noël des Champs, Saint Martin
Tart apples :Petit jaune, Rambault, René Martin
Sweet apples :Coquerelle, Doux Verret de Carrouges, Germaine, Rouge Duret
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