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Cidre &
Pays d'Auge
Calvados Réserve
Appellation Calvados Pays d'Auge Contrôlée
“A Calvados that reveals a certain mellowness still influenced by the refreshing and fruity hints from its youth.”

Clarified cider, fermented for over 6 months, resulting in a total transformation of sugar into alcohol.

Double distillation in a pot still.

In 400L oak barrels, 25% of the time in new barrels and “pommeau” barrels, the reminder in old barrels.

Duration of ageing:
Cuvée of different vintages of Calvados AOC Pays d'Auge that spent at least 4 to 6 years in oak barrels.

Alcohol content: 
42% vol.

About the product:
Body: Golden, clear and shiny with amber tones
Scent: Smooth sensation with aromas of ripe apples and vanilla
Taste: Strong and fruity flavour of cooked apples, vanilla and caramel with a hint of lemon and woody flavours.

Serving suggestions :
As an aperitif: served on ice
With a meal: to go with certain cakes or desserts.
After dinner: at room temperature in a glass for eau de vie.
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