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Calvados Blanche
Appellation Calvados Contrôlée
“A Calvados especially designed for cocktails that will also please amateurs of young spirits. Tasty and original, it releases the bitter and fruity qualities of fresh apples.”

Clarified cider, fermented for over 6 months, resulting in a total transformation of sugar into alcohol.

Simple distillation in a column still.

In 400L oak barrels that have no more tannins.

Length of ageing:
Cuvée of AOC Calvados that spent at least 2 to 3 years in barrels.

Alcohol content: 
40% vol.

About the product:
Body: Clear pale gold.
Scent: Very fruity aroma of fresh apples with hints of liquorice. Slight underlying smoky note.
Taste:  Sharp and mellow taste with green apple aromas which gives a refreshing sensation and leads to spicy and sour notes.

Serving suggestions:
In a cocktail: This Calvados is an excellent base for many cocktails, let your imagination guide you or ask for our cocktail ideas.
As an aperitif: Pure, served ice cold or on crushed ice.
During a meal: Pure, served ice cold on smoked or marinated fish (herring, salmon, eel). On crushed ice with chocolate puddings. As a “trou normand” (on apple sorbet between two dishes).
For cooking: For flaming or in sorbets and pastries.
After dinner: Pure or in a cup of coffee.
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